155468_10151346499216703_418322350_nThe first thing I bought as a teenager with the money I earned working in agriculture was a guide book about the birds of Israel. Along with binoculars and an admiration for nature I started exploring my surroundings. The interest did cease, instead it grew stronger and expanded to other fields.

I graduated from Ben Gurion University with a bachelor’s degree in geography and a master’s degree in research of avian communities in Israel. While there I had the privilege to roam inside various air force bases, which practically act like nature reserves.

In the last decade I have taught geography in high schools, universities and pre-school programs. Along with the satisfaction of teaching, I felt a growing anxiety that studies take place only inside a classroom rather than outside where geography should be taught. In order to fulfill myself I attended a tour guide course where I was exposed to a wide range of subjects: history, ethnology, religions geopolitics and archeology.

Having guided groups and individual Israelis and tourists I feel that my job is very important.  People get to know the country in an enjoyable way while gaining an understanding of the reality of living in Israel. The Israel my clients see with me is usually different from what they were told by peers or saw in the news.