Excursions: all over Israel including Judea and Samaria. By foot or by car/bus. To families, groups, individuals. Special events such as birthdays, bar mitzvah, in three languages: English, Spanish and Hebrew.

The great advantage of traveling through Israel is the variety of landscapes, people, communities and nature. All that in a small area which allows you to start your day in a desert by a tropical sea go to a forested mountainous area and take a bath at sun set in the lowest fresh water lake in the world. Or, have a “Botz” coffee with a nomadic community, joining a festive of one of the religions and ending your day with a cappuccino in the 49th floor watching a buzzing metropolitan area.

The excursions can focus on one theme or various:

NATURE: animals and plants from 3 deferent continents are easy to be seen in Israel. During the migration seasons I can draw your attention to 30 deferent species of birds. Mammals and reptiles are harder to observe but they leave clues: I can tell you who was here and what did it do. It’s a fascinating experience.


Rachel’s tomb קבר רחל

RELIGION: for three monotheistic religions Israel is their epicenter. For the Islam it’s the 3th most important.
I have the special permission to guide in Bethlehem and Jericho- two important sites to Judaism and Christianity.

ARCHEOLOGY: in average, every square kilometer in Israel has an archeological site. The Neanderthals and homo sapience coexisted here, empires from Asia and Egypt fought for the control over this land, nomads invaded from the desert and Europeans from the west. Most of them left behind them transportation facilities, industrial devises and settlements.

A professional “eye” is needed to differentiate the various layers in an archeological site and to attribute them to the corresponding historical period.

GEOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY:  changes in sea level, volcano activity, earthquakes and climate change had developed here a verity of landscapes and natural phenomena- few, unique in the world. Alongside with it, cultures had to adapt to the changing conditions. I emphasize the mutual influence between the physical environment and the human activity.

CONTEMPORARY ISRAEL: since the mid 19th century the living conditions had changed dramatically. From traditional communities under a constant risk of plagues, droughts, robbery and invasions to a society that managed to cope successfully with most of it. Today, billions of people around the world use, technologies, managing methods and deferent ideas sometimes without knowing that those are Israeli innovations. In the other hand, new/old challenges threaten our fabric of life.

By choosing this theme I can design a tour that will include visiting to the facilities of deferent profit and non-profit organizations.

HISTORY: one of the satisfactions traveling in Israel is to use the historical documents and verify them in the field. In the bible and the New Testament as well as many other texts, maps and drawings we learn of names, of sites and descriptions of phenomena which we still can see today.